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Real Estate in Norway

How to become the owner of Real Estate entitled Lord or Lady in Norway

Our plots

Haugen Peninsula

Haugen Peninsula is part of a peninsula that is regulated for the development of a wonderful tourism facility. 

Haugen Farm

Haugen Farm is a very large farm of 42.162.055 square feet. It is one of the few farms that are not divided into small plots.

Edle Rosens Minde

Edle Rosens Minde is part of an island that is regulated for the development of a fantastic tourism facility.


Engan seafishingsenter is a beautiful and big property that is built with a former central school for the village.

How does it work?

To become a owner of Real Estate in Norway and obtain titles such as Lord or Lady, you here can buy for yourself or others as a gift, one or more square feet of land in the form of a souvenir plot.

Lord (Norwegian means gentleman) – Dame (Norwegian means lady), landowner (Norwegian means landowner). The titles are not noble titles and are not prohibited from use in accordance with the Norwegian Nobility Act.

The properties are especially related to the sea for fishing tourism, sea trips, but also trips to mountains, forests and viewpoints for photography and recreation. All properties are surrounded by beautiful fjord landscapes, many fjords, bays, coves, islets, headlands and reefs and with the great sea right outside. The plan is to raise equity, reduce debt and have a better financing, so we can whish the Lord and Ladies welcome to visit the beautifully places here in Norway with a clear conscience.

The benefit is that the buyer can call himself for fun as a Lord or Lady of Real Estate in Norway, participation in the facebook group for the property. The registrated landowner at any time, will still be the owner of the land, registrated at Norwegian mapping Authority. The purchase will give the buyer rights to visit the property and to be member of the community who have bought souvenir plots in the group at fb. This group will give information to the buyers who can be interesting for the future as owner of Real Estate in Norway.

Idyllic places with beautiful sunsets

Beautiful scenery

By inviting positive friends from all over the world to visit these beautiful places, whether for day trips or for longer periods, we are selling square feet of the properties. In this way, buyers will feel a strong sense of belonging and ownership by being given opportunities to donate money as a crowd founding for to raise equity, reducing the debt and give better financielly situation for the property.

The square feet are not sold as coordinate-fixed properties but as numbers of the total amount of square feet the property consists of. This means that upon a sale, the property is reduced by a countdown from the total number of square feet. In this way, we want the buyers to visit the properties in a way where they get the feeling that they own a little of the entire property and that the focus on the experiences the whole property has to offer.

The purchase of square feet of the properties must be considered as a gift / donation to the property’s developing, management operation and maintenance and that value for money is that you get proof of the purchase and rights to visit / experience the property and are incorporated into the community formed as a group of friends for the property on FB. The money will go to the real registered owner of the property’s taxed income at any time to cover costs for development, finance, management, operation and maintenance.

The landowner registered at any time, will still be the owner of the entire property, registered with the Norwegian Mapping Authority. Anything else will bee impossible.
Any buildings may be owned by tenants of the property or the owner. The purchase will give the buyer / donor the right to visit the property and be a member of the community that has purchased the souvenir plot. One of the properties is protected by Norwegian law, the Licensing Act and Odel (Odelsloven), and this contract follows these rules and buyers must respect this as part of the trade.

The owner of the entire property hereby confirms that this number(s) on the souvenir(s) plot, will not be sold again as a souvenir plot, but will and must eventually be, sold or passed on to the new owner of the entire property for further development and preservation, as the Norwegian law says.

Freedom and peace of mind